LOVA Chocolate Explorer

$39.00 / Months

Do you enjoy chocolate and want to explore it more? Does the thought of trying new chocolate flavours excite you? If you’re a chocolate lover who enjoys discovering different cocoa tastes, our Chocolate Explorer Membership is just what you need.

Membership highlights:

Monthly Chocolate Adventure: Picture this – every month, you’ll receive a surprise box filled with delicious chocolates right at your doorstep. Inside, you’ll find one fantastic chocolate block made from your favourite chocolate and a selection of four handcrafted chocolate bonbons.

Chocolate Kept Fresh: We know chocolate should stay fresh. That’s why we send your chocolates in a special package to keep them cool and delightful.

Try Something New: In every monthly box, you’ll discover new and limited-edition chocolate flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy. It’s like a little adventure in every box!

Birthday Surprise: On your special day, we’ll celebrate with you by sending a special birthday gift valued at $30 and designed to make your day even more memorable and sweet.

Save on Chocolate: You’ll enjoy a 5% discount on all your chocolate orders, our way of making your chocolate adventures even better.

Special Chocolate Experiences: As a Chocolate Explorer member, you’re invited to fun events like chocolate tastings and hands-on chocolate-making workshops. It’s a chance to enjoy chocolate and meet other chocolate lovers.

Join our Chocolate Explorer Membership today and start your journey into the world of chocolate. It’s a delicious adventure filled with surprises, experiences, and chocolate fun. Embrace your love for chocolate in a whole new way!

Currently available only in Melbourne.

1 review for LOVA Chocolate Explorer

  1. Sharon

    This chocolate is the best! I received caramel chocolate with pine nuts and different bonbons and ate them all in 2 days, they were that good 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what flavours will arrive next month.

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